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The importance of creativity in business

Creativity is essential in business. It helps organisations grow, stay relevant, and compete with challenger brands by finding new and innovative solutions. Creativity is essential for the continued success of all businesses. All have the potential for creativity within their business, with workplace culture playing a large role in facilitating a creative environment. Being able to encourage and utilise a creative company culture can be the difference between an innovative and successful company, and one that simply follows in its path.

Creativity helps businesses grow

One of the main mentalities holding back business growth is the idea that there is only one good way of doing things. Many businesses fall into this mental trap and unknowingly hinder their business growth by preventing employees from trying new and creative methods to achieve the same business goals. Although a particular method or approach may have worked in the past, it is not necessarily the best option now

Business managers can often be detached from the everyday activities of the business due to their priorities being elsewhere. Allowing your employees to take a creative approach to their workload can result in better ways of achieving their end goal. Your employees are in a unique position to drive growth as they intimately know the challenges they face and can provide creative and actionable solutions for these barriers to growth.

Creativity facilitates innovation

Utilising creativity within your business puts you in an ideal position to facilitate innovation. For something to be innovative, it needs to be new and different, something that can not be achieved if your business processes and ideas aren’t being challenged and improved upon. Not all creative ideas will be inherently innovative or beneficial, however they can provide the basis for said innovation.

Innovation is highly important for business as it supports growth and provides a competitive edge. Many companies invest lots of time and money into finding innovative solutions and ideas for their business, however this method of innovation is often considered to be unsustainable. Providing a creative business structure internally can help to create long term innovative solutions by utilising every business’s top asset- their employees.

Has there ever been a time when innovation wasn't more important for business success? Read our article on how to build a culture of innovation.

Creativity and company culture

Creativity within a business is directly linked to company culture. Employees within an enabling culture, who feel engaged with the business are more likely to willingly provide increased amounts of innovation and creativity. New ideas can come from anyone, you just need to provide the right environment to create them. If you always have the same people, doing the same things, then your opportunity for innovation is going to be limited.

Engaging employees is a key step in facilitating creativity within business, but what is employee engagement? Read our article on the top 3 must haves for true engagement to find out more.

Our fun, half-day workshops give your employees some simple tools to encourage and release their creativity. We can help bring vital, new thinking to your business, and boy, we could all do with some of that now!

Are you looking for a creativity workshop that is tailored specifically for your business and the challenges you want to solve? Contact us today to see how we can support your business, or visit our Business Creativity Workshops page for more information.

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