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Strategic Planning Meeting

Strategic Planning Services

Define Your Business Vision, Mission, Objectives & Tactics

The fundamental building block for successful businesses, that have the happiest, most engaged and productive employees, is a clear, easy-to-understand, and well-communicated strategic plan.

Solve business challenges with a professional strategic plan

  • 95% of employees don’t understand their company’s strategic plan

  • 65% of CEOs only rate their planning capabilities as “good”

  • 67% of strategies fail due to bad execution

  • Businesses with a clear strategic plan grow 30% faster


Your business can lose valuable time and money with a poor strategic plan, where as a clearly defined and well-executed plan will only help you grow. Take part in our tailored VMOST workshop to get started on yours.

VMOST Workshop

A Bizjuicer VMOST workshop will guide you through the strategic planning process, allowing you and the senior leadership team to fully participate and deal with business challenges head on. 

Together we'll follow a simple, but effective process walking through the VMOST pyramid, which will bring about a clear vision, a compelling mission, a set of well-defined and high-level objectives, a linked set of headline strategies that will deliver those objectives and the means for the organisation to pull together a detailed and achievable tactical plan, that focuses on the doing the things that matter.

Want to know more about our VMOST Workshop and how it can help with your specific business challenges? Get in touch to arrange a quick chat!

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