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Employee Engagement Survey

Improve Employee Engagement By Listening

Employee engagement is the extent to which your employees feel connected to the business they work in, and are therefore willing to make discretionary efforts to contribute to its success.   

Establishing a baseline for the level of employee engagement in your business helps you understand where your strengths are, and where focused action should be applied.  

How the Employee Engagement Survey Helps Your Business

Undertaking an employee engagement survey is a great way to understand your current levels of employee engagement. Though it's how you communicate the results, follow up on the resulting actions and bring these things into everyday working life, that sets the great companies apart from the box-tickers

How the Employee Engagement Survey Works

Using a combination of proven questions that measure the key factors affecting employee engagement, and specific business context questions, we'll set up an anonymous employee engagement survey.

You'll get a full report, supported by relevant charts and commentary that brings to life the results of your survey and highlights specific watch-outs and actions required to build higher levels of engagement.

Kickstart your employee engagement growth

I can help you plan, create, distribute, and analyse your employee engagement survey cost-effectively and advise on a much broader employee listening strategy if needed.  Every client gets a bespoke survey relevant to their specific business challenges, objectives and industries. Get in touch to discuss your business needs and employee engagement challenges. 

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