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Coaching & Personal Development

Improving self-awareness, communication, performance, teamwork and leadership skills

Understanding yourself, and how others might see you is the crucial first step in improving your performance.

No matter if you are an experienced CEO, or a new recruit, understanding your key strengths and areas for potential development can unlock your ability to perform at your best, more consistently.

As a qualified Lumina Spark Practitioner, I use the excellent Lumina Spark Personality Assessment, from Lumina Learning, to get accurate, personal and practical insights on where your personal development needs lie.

Why Lumina Spark?

 Unlike many other tools, it looks at the whole person. It recognises our individual personality traits and doesn't try to force-fit people into a box.

It combines the validity and reliability of the Big 5 Personality Trait research and puts it through the simplicity of a Jungian lens. It also measures your personality across your underlying, everyday and over-extended personas.  Showing you a full picture of your behaviour and its impact on you and others.


All this means that your accurate personal findings are presented at a clear, colourful and easy-to-understand high-level, whilst also providing far more detailed, richer, deeper insights, which allow for meaningful, practical personal development reflection and action.

Individual and team benefits

Improved communication, teamwork, and leadership come from better understanding.

There has never been a more pressing need to re-engage your employees and foster a strong team spirit and feelings of trust.  As well as providing deeply practical and useful, individual insights, Lumina Spark offers great benefits to teams and their leaders.

The Team Viewer allows everyone to see how each team member's personality traits fit together.  It shows where commonalities, differences, team strengths, and potential weaknesses lie.  This allows the team and its leader to take action to improve communication and create more effective teamwork, through better understanding.

Using the Splash App, allows team members to carry their profile around with them on their phone and quickly compare it to team members, where it offers some practical tips on how they might work better together.

Great coaching conversations

Your personalised Lumina Spark report provides a fabulous foundation for some deeply revealing and helpful coaching conversations. 


If you can see something, you can fix, or improve something. 


Lumina Spark also provides an online coaching support tool linked to your report findings, which you can use yourself to plan out your personal development plan. Alternatively, we'll use it together if you want some personal coaching with your journey to improvement.

Start your journey to personal improvement, today

To find out more about how I can help you fine-tune or revolutionise your performance through greater self-awareness and coaching, please click the button below to get in touch.

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