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Walking The Customer Journey

Customer Journey Mapping Service

Wearing Our Customer Shoes

Want to create memorable experiences for customers?  Of course, you do.  But sometimes it is difficult to shed the baggage and slip out of the business shoes and into those customer shoes, to understand things from their point of view.  I work with your teams to do just that. 

Improve your customer experience

Whether it's starting off by getting your vision for Customer Experience uncovered, or identifying the key touchpoints of each customer journey, or working through how you can add your distinctive magic moments to that experience to get people talking about you, I can help.

Whatever we do, I like to keep things simple, with a focus on building consistently deliverable journeys that are stamped with your personality and give customers loads of reasons to come back and tell others about it.

Get in touch to talk about how to get better, more standout, memorable and consistent customer outcomes from today.

What is customer journey mapping?

The customer journey is every experience and interaction they have with your brand before and after a transaction.


Customer journey mapping (CJM) helps organisations visualise every step in the journey to identify key touch points and areas for improvement. 

Why use customer journey mapping?

Customer journey mapping is the perfect way to ensure your organisation takes a customer-centric approach to change – after all, without customers, you would have no business. 


Customer journey mapping also enables you to get a holistic view of the customer experience so you can identify the best point to make changes at. 

Who should be involved in the customer journey mapping process?

The most important people to involve in the CJM process are you customers. You should aim to get as much first-hand data and feedback from them as possible to ensure you correctly identify their pain points and goals. 

Once you have your customer data, you should aim to include individuals from a range of roles and departments within your organisation in the customer journey mapping process to accurately understand their impact and how changes to the customer experience may impact their work. 

Why use a consultant for customer journey mapping

Using an outside consultant, like Bizjuicer, during the customer journey mapping process can help you get an objective perspective on your current customer experience and ask questions that challenge your current operations. 

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