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Business Creativity Workshops

Increase Creativity in Business

Creativity is essential in business to help organisations find new and innovative solutions that will help them grow, stay relevant in a changing marketplace, and compete with new challenger brands.

Companies with an enabling culture and high levels of employee engagement benefit from willingly getting increased amounts of innovation and creativity from their employees.  Fresh ideas can literally come from anywhere and anyone.  
But sometimes you just need to create the right environment to tease them out.  If you always have the same people, doing the same things, then your pipeline of innovation is only going to be so wide. 

My fun, half-day workshops give your people some simple tools to use which encourage and release their innate creativity and helps bring vital, new thinking to your business, and boy, we could do with some of that now!

What do my business creativity workshops help employees to do?

  • Understand the mindset of highly creative people

  • Develop the skills needed for creative solutions in the workplace

  • Use simple tools to unlock the creative side of their brain 

  • Explore creative thinking strategies that can be applied every day at work

  • Improve creative problem-solving confidence and capabilities

What do my business creativity workshops help employees to do?

All of my creativity workshops are tailored specifically for your business and challenges you want to solve. These workshops can be delivered in house or online via Zoom with employees at all seniority levels. 

Get in touch to discuss your requirements. 

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