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Enagaged Aligned Team

Developing Business Values

I truly believe that the secret to successful businesses lies in the meaningful engagement of employees at all levels. 
This comes from your people having a genuine sense of why the company exists and how their role contributes to that.

Business Values Workshops

What values are important to your business? And what values are important to your employees?

Businesses that consistently demonstrate the values that are integral to the lives of their employees and that help the company meet its objectives have more engaged people and bigger successes.

During our Business Values Workshops, I help you discover the right set of values and behaviours that encourage engagement from the employees in your business, help you smash your objectives and separate you from the competition.

We’ll uncover the words and actions that serve to inspire, sound uniquely like your business, and establish an emotional connection between all employees. We'll then discuss ways to translate these values into behaviours and how you can embed them consistently throughout the business.

Business Purpose Workshops

Purpose-driven businesses outperform their competitors by a staggering 42%. But only a third of employees take any real meaning from their company's purpose. 

Having a clear and relatable business purpose can help you to

  • Drives focus in even the most junior employees 

  • Give meaning to the work that everyone does 

  • Improve employee and customer engagement 

  • See more discretionary effort from employees

During the Business Purpose Workshops, I will help you uncover the underlying and driving purpose behind your business. 

We’ll then explore the best ways to communicate your business purpose to your employees that will get them energetically and willingly pulling in the same direction and giving that discretionary effort that will take your business to the next level.

I provide bespoke consultancy and guidance to help you uncover and communicate your business values and purpose. To find out more or to discuss your specific requirements, simply click "Get in Touch" to have a chat.

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