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Internal Communication Support

Develop your internal communication strategy

One of the keys to improving employee engagement and having a great workplace culture is having great internal communications. But knowing what to communicate and how to do it doesn't always come naturally to business leaders. That’s where I come in.

Years of marketing experience has taught me a thing or two.  I'd like to think I can help your teams with the thinking behind and the creation, briefing, and execution of their internal communications.

Clear internal communication

One of the key elements of great internal communication in any business is to keep the messages simple and clear. This helps you avoid confusion and misinterpretation that can lead to panic, distress and disengagement among employees. 

Accessible internal communication

Successful internal communications need to be shared in an engaging and impactful way. I can help you identify the best mediums to use when communicating with employees for the best engagement. We’ll assess your current systems and employee behaviours to develop a plan for your internal communications moving forward. 

Timely internal communication

Knowing when or how frequently to share important communications with employees is often overlooked by businesses. Too frequent messages can lead to them feeling ‘spammy’, while infrequent communication can mean they’re not expected and therefore missed. 

Choosing the right time to send messages can also have a considerable impact on the level of engagement they’ll receive from employees – nobody’s likely to pay attention to internal communications when they’re up against tight client deadlines. 

I’ll help you evaluate your employees’ communication needs and preferences to develop recommendations for the best time and frequency of your internal communications. 

Consistent internal communication

Consistency across all your communication channels is essential to build strong employee engagement. Stay consistent in your messaging and tone no matter how or when the communication occurs to ensure your employees don’t feel as though they’re receiving conflicting information or that you have changing expectations. 

So, whether it's condensing a 5-page strategy into an impactful one-pager; creating an important agency brief, or constructing an internal communications plan, let me ease your pain and give you a hand.

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