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Successful engaged employees

Business Consulting Services

Improving employee engagement, internal communication and workplace culture

It’s just as important for your employees to feel connected to your business, as it is for your customers if you want to truly succeed.

Finding, inspiring, engaging, aligning and unleashing the power of that emotional connection and sense of purpose in your teams creates a more successful business where your best talent wants to stay with you and work hard for you, who ultimately deliver even greater, more consistent experiences for your customers.
There are four proven enablers of employee engagement that were published in the original UK Government commissioned "Engaging For Success Report", more commonly known as the MacLeod Report. These are:


  • Strategic Narrative

  • Employee Voice

  • Engaging Managers

  • Organisational Integrity

Bizjuicer provides support across all of these areas.

Developing Business Values

Businesses that consistently demonstrate the values that are integral to the lives of their employees and that help the company meet its objectives have more engaged people and bigger successes

Employee Engagement Survey

Employee engagement surveys help you understand where your strengths are, and where focused action should be applied. 

Brand Positioning & Development

Clear brand positioning enables you to create emotional connections with customers and employees, ultimately delivering great results consistently

Customer Journey Mapping Service

The customer journey is every experience and interaction they have with your brand before and after a transaction. Customer journey mapping helps organisations visualise every step in the journey to identify key touch points and areas for improvement. 

Change Consultancy

Successful business change always starts with a compelling vision.  But the speed and quality of that success is multiplied if you can rally the organisation behind that reason for change with an inspiring, memorable, repeatable story that helps your people make sense of the challenge

Employer Branding

Employer branding is all the work you put into making your employer brand desirable for new candidates and perfect for retaining your existing staff. 

Internal Communication Support

One of the keys to improving employee engagement and having a great workplace culture is having great internal communications. But knowing what to communicate and how to do it doesn't always come naturally to business leaders. That’s where I come in.

Business Creativity Workshops

My fun, half-day workshops give your people some simple tools to use which encourage and release their innate creativity and helps bring vital, new thinking to your business

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