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Storytelling on keyboard
Storytelling on keyboard

Change Consultancy

Driving Transformational Change Through Inspiring Storytelling

All businesses reach a point where radical change is needed – whether that’s in its business model, organisational structure, company culture, or management. 

Maybe you’re responding to a crisis, a change in the market, or a shortcoming in your current set up? No matter the reasons behind the change, one thing is always true – the people within your organisation have to understand and be onboard with the change for it to be successful. 

Successful business change always starts with a compelling vision.  But the speed and quality of that success is multiplied if you can rally the organisation behind that reason for change with an inspiring, memorable, repeatable story that helps your people make sense of the challenge and see their role in it. It's one of the things that separates an amazing workplace culture from a so-so one and can result in high levels of employee engagement and productivity.

Why work with a change consultant?

I love a good story and understand what makes a great one.  As your change consultant, I'll help you craft your own tale that engages and unites your people behind the cause and onto success. Then, I'll help you keep that narrative alive throughout the change programme.

Using my previous experience, I can help you navigate the complexities that often arise during any business transformation by using strong and consistent internal comms to build momentum and get everyone moving in the same direction. 

By improving the communication around your change, we’ll work together to deliver successful results more quickly and effectively than you could manage alone.  

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