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Andy Goram from Bizjuicer

A Passion For Improving Employee Engagement

Developing Successful Employee Engagement Strategies

My name is Andy Goram, I'm the owner of Bizjuicer.  I'm a business strategy and employee engagement consultant, but as someone who considers himself a hybrid of Marketing, Operations, and HR, I wanted my company to be a bit different from the norm.  Even the name, Bizjuicer, is a bit different.  But that's all about getting more great stuff out of your brand and the people that work within it.

I passionately believe that businesses and brands can be more successful if all their people, especially the ones closest to the customers, really get what you do and they feel emotionally connected to it.  In my experience, this makes businesses stickier.  That means that your talent wants to stay with you because they thrive in your organisation, and your customers are more attracted to you because of the quality of the experience you deliver.

How do I improve employee engagement?

This always starts by designing, aligning, and enthusiastically communicating the solid foundations of a clear strategy and a set of actionable values that set the tone for how the business operates and talks to its people and customers.

I've spent years engaging and aligning front line teams, business colleagues, external partners as well as C-Suite peers on strategic brand, marketing, cultural projects, and challenges.  Always with a dual focus on customer and employee experience.  I loved doing that so much, I decided to set-up Bizjuicer to try and help more businesses successfully release the latent power of their people and brand combined.


Why improve employee engagement?

People always talk about how great brands create an emotional connection with their customers, which is so true; the shame of it is that too many forget to take their teams on the same journey. 

When you consider that aligned businesses take double the share of wallet of those that aren't, it seems nuts not to invest proper time in engaging your workforce with what you do and importantly, why you do it. It helps bring meaning and purpose to what they do.  After all, your people spend a lot of time working for you, so you don't want them to feel meaningless at work, do you?


At Bizjuicer, I like to work with people who think the same, but need some help creating that potent, internal fuel that engaged and aligned teams bring and that we know drives incredible results.
If you think the same way and want to have a chat about how to make it happen, please get in touch.  I'd love to hear from you.

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