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Engaged & Aligned Employees Power Great Businesses

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Expert employee engagement consultancy 

I believe that engaged and aligned people are the not-so-secret juice powering great businesses and brands.  

Businesses are missing out because the majority of their employees turn up, but don't care enough about their job or the company they work for to give you their best ideas and effort, every day.

I help companies improve employee engagement and their workplace culture, so they become more engaging places to work, that hold onto more of their top talent and outperform their competitors. 

Improving employee engagement collaboratively

 Is your business struggling to

  • Encourage new ideas from employees?

  • Develop a team culture?

  • Get staff on board with new initiatives?

Together we'll develop and communicate stronger, emotional messages about why and what you do within your business, that really connect with your employees and unleash their full potential.

You get better, more consistent results, and your customers get even better experiences.

If this sounds like something you'd like to achieve, but you need some help making it happen, let's chat.

Why Bizjuicer?

I’m a little different to other consultants. With experience in Marketing, Operations, and HR I passionately believe that businesses can be more successful if all their employees, especially the ones closest to the customers, really get what you do and feel emotionally connected to it. 

As a business strategy and employee engagement consultant, I can help you get more great stuff out of your brand and the people that work within it.

What is employee engagement?

Employee engagement, at it’s core, simply describes how invested, committed, and positive employees feel about their organisation and working environment.

When asked, I say employee engagement is “the extent to which your employees feel connected to the business they work in, the people they work with, and are therefore motivated to make discretionary effort to contribute to its success.”

Why is employee engagement important?

Employee engagement is one of the biggest factors that contributes to the performance of a company – particularly long-term performance. Employees are the touchpoints at every stage of your business from recruitment, to sales, to retention so a more engaged workforce ultimately leads to better results for everyone. 

Benefits of engaged employees

There are many benefits to improved employee engagement, the main ones including:

  • Improved employee retention (saving time and money on recruitment)

  • Increased productivity (driving higher revenue for the business)

  • Reduced grievances and disciplinaries

  • Reduced employee absences 

  • Improved quality of work (leading to happier customers and higher client retention)

Ready to improve employee engagement in your workplace? Get in touch with me to get started. 

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